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 ꩜ 8/30 Ann Arbor, MI | land of the Anishinaabeg 

꩜ 8/31-9/4 Singing in Love: Tamaqua, PA | land of the Lenni-Lenape 

꩜ 9/5 North Hampton, MA  | land of the Pocumtuck, Norwottock, Woronoco, Agawam, Nipmuck, and Abenaki 

꩜ 9/6 Boston, MA | land of the Massachusett, Abenaki, Micmac, Maliseet, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Passamaquoddy, Pawtucket, Pennacook, Penobscot, Pequot, and Wampanoag 

꩜ 9/9 Brooklyn, NY | land of the Lenape 

꩜ 9/10 Philadelphia, PA | land of the Lenape 

꩜ 9/12 Washington, DC Area | land of the Nacotchtank, Piscataway, and Pamunke  

꩜ 9/13 Richmond, VA | land of the Powhatan and Monacan 

꩜ 9/14-17 Love Song: Marshall, NC | land of the Anikituwagi (Cherokee) 

꩜ 9/20 Asheville, NC | land of the Anikituwagi (Cherokee)

Song kin Shireen Amini and Lyndsey Scott merge their medicines for the first time for an East Coast song circle tour! As students of, as well as leaders in, the community singing movement, they are asking-in-motion about song’s liberatory power. Co-creating a space of authentic, playful, & deep devotion, they will forge a strong container to hold the complexities of each of our identities and histories intersecting. Through heart sharing, somatics, song, and rhythmic expression, they will invite energy to re-whole us in our individual and collective bodies: grounding, attuning, grieving, releasing, connecting, and celebrating. We’ll ask, what’s needed here now? What’s possible when we open our hearts to this aching world and dare the soulful risks it asks? May we be the world we dream, in real time, as song washes over us with grace that overflows into action.

Our tithe for this tour goes to MMIWHOISMISSING a 100% Indigenous-lead sovereign and educational voice that advocates for grassroots efforts, working directly with MMIR families, survivors, & Tribal coalitions laying the groundwork, socially and politically to protect our Indigenous Populations from further Colonial Violence.

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About Shireen

Shireen Amini is a queer, Puerto Rican-Iranian-American, Earth-loving musician based in Portland, Oregon. She blends rock, latin, hip hop, and roots music with socially-conscious themes and soulful stories of change. 

To contextualize her artistry, it is important to Shireen to acknowledge her relation to this land, its peoples, its history, and how her identities have shaped her. She is committed to being an agent for change.

Upcoming Events

INSTRUCTOR at NW Songwriter Soiree Retreat (Winter Session)

 —  —

Twin Rocks Friends Camp, Rockaway Beach, OR

Last year, I taught for the first time at the NW Songwriter Soiree Winter Retreat and this year I get to do it again + help co-facilitate with Robin Jackson. This year it's taking place on the Oregon coast, January 15-18, which I'm very excited about. Essentially this retreat includes 4 days of songwriting and creative workshops, open mics, yoga, amazing food, nature and time with awesome teachers and mentors. Check it out!

PERCUSSIONIST with Grupo Masato

 —  —

Mississippi Pizza, 3552 N Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR

Grupo Masato is a multi-ethnic Portland-based band that plays highly irresistible danceable music from Latin America! A powerful combinations of Chicha, Cumbia and Afro Peruvian music that invites all ages to meet on the dance floor and celebrate our diversity. Chicha music grew out of the Andean music in Peru mixed with Cumbia rhythms from Colombia, and were transformed and reinterpreted by electric guitars, Fender spring reverb amplifiers, complex African based percussions and the discovery of psychedelic rock. Grupo Masato explores and celebrates this diverse music with a powerful show that will make you want to dance. Grupo Masato’s music is as intoxicating as the beverage it's named after, a powerful liquor from the Amazon jungle in South America, made out of fermented yucca.

I get to play timbales, other percussion, and sing with Grupo Masato!