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In addition to being a performing artist, Shireen has 15 years of experience teaching music and just as much experience doing deeper personal work. With an extensive background in ethnomusicology, sound healing, Afro-Latin percussion, and drum circle facilitation she created Shireen Amini Music Medicine in 2015 to bridge both worlds. She offers classes, events, coaching and songwriting for individuals seeking to grow musically but who are also interested in using music as a tool for personal and collective transformation. In this work, she helps revive our ancestral connection to music, which was medicinal, communal, spiritual and accessible. Shireen uses a social justice-oriented, culturally-informed approach to teaching and facilitating music, with a particular focus on the drum, voice, and song, 

Shireen Amini Music Medicine offers:

• adult & youth classes, artists in residency, workshops, camps, and series 

• individual lessons and coaching 

• music facilitation (drum, voice, or sound healing)

• commissioned songwriting, arranging, and music production 

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