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this tour raised over $800 each for iran & pr <3

The "Hold Us Well" tour wrapped up just last Friday and all I can say is THANK YOU to every single human who helped organize and promote each event, performed and collaborated with me, gave me a place to rest, helped tune up my travel van (dad:), hosted events at their homes, showed up to listen or sing or both, and donated even if they could not attend. For me, a tour really is so much more than a string of shows. It's relationship-building, an adventure, a test in making it through unexpected challenges, an opportunity to gather perspective on the most beautiful and ugly aspects of our country, a spiritual journey through layers of my own soul, rich conversations with friends new and old, a glimpse into different subcultures and communities, a hell of a lot of songwriting and podcast-listening while driving, and time spent in places from cityscapes to wilderness and everything in between. Not to mention the moments in which a blessed gathering of people who believe I have something meaningful to bring with music show up to receive and co-create in it. 

This tour was special because, with this orchestra of support and a community of contributors behind me, I was able to raise funds (both an energetic prayer of uplift and practical support) for two countries from which my ancestors of at least the last 6 generations came from. We donated over $800 for both Fiona Community Response Fund (Puerto Rico) and Amnesty Iran!! While these causes are indeed very close to home, they are also expressions of universal causes of justice and liberation. The kind of causes that, when you help a few in our global community, you help all. Something tells me if you supported in any way, you know this. Thank you. 

I got powerful hits of what "holding us well" means on this tour. And I can only hope this intention continues to ripple through all who took part.


Theresa Jeulch, Happy Corner, Shannon Rogers, Farhad Amini & Lourdes Jiménez, Shelley Kilcoyne, Gwendolyn Kilfoyle, Elisabeth Gonella, Maggie Wheeler, Luke Wallace, Nichols Canyon Music, Martin and Bea Jiménez, Christina and Liz Amini, Lydia Violet, Kele Nitoto, Tonya Abernathy, Kathryn Claire and Robin Jackson

"Breaking" News! Finalist for hope rises II

My track “Break Myself Free” was chosen as 1 of 16 songs to be featured on this album compilation with other social change artists across the nation! 

I’ve never won a songwriting contest like this before. I feel so excited for the greater reach with the song's message and to be interconnected with other artists using music to make change. 

RELEASED: November 10, 2022 

Watch the trailer, order merch and a special commemorative CD, or  
bookmark this link to stream the album: 

About Shireen

Shireen Amini is a queer, Puerto Rican-Iranian-American, Earth-loving musician based in Portland, Oregon. She blends rock, latin, hip hop, and roots music with socially-conscious themes and soulful stories of change. 

To contextualize her artistry, it is important to Shireen to acknowledge her relation to this land, its peoples, its history, and how her identities have shaped her. She is committed to being an agent for change.

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Listen Up: A Curated Series by Portland Radio Project and Artichoke Music Amplifying Pacific Northwest Women+ Singer/Songwriters (Non-binary me is the +)

with special guest vocalist, Tonya Abernathy

A monthly series from Portland Radio Project along with Portland’s premier acoustic and singer/songwriter listening room, Artichoke Music. Portland Radio Project is handing the microphone over to female singer/songwriters emerging in the Pacific Northwest, for a rich evening of independent voices and powerful stories.