Sisters in Harmony Global with Te Martin & Shireen Amini

 — (PST, UTC-08) — (PST, UTC-08)


Sing your grief, gratitude, prayer, and praise within the safe container of a women's circle. Learn heart-opening songs for the journey. Feel fortified, connected, and uplifted. Let's feel the power of our global community!

Te, Shireen, and Heather offer you powerful songs for these transformational times we are living in. We'll dive into vocal meditation and collective prayer, mantra, heart-opening songs, soulful songs, fun songs, and songs that invite us to dance!

Please bring an item for the altar and a candle to light. Have your shakers, drums, guitars, chimes, and shruti boxes at the ready.


Grief to Action Fundraiser Event!

 — (PST, UTC-08) — (PST, UTC-08)


Join us for an evening of music, poetry, panelists and funding the revolution!

On Friday February 25th from 7pm - 9pm join Holistic Resistance, MaMuse, Naima Pennimen, Hannah Mayree, and Shireen Amini and more.

Purchase a ticket by making a donation to the Go Fund Me in the amount of $15-$65 sliding scale! Please note in your donation that it's for a ticket to this event! https://www.gofundme.com/f/ax8zp-grief-to-action...

The Grief to Action Camp is a semi-mobile camp where African Heritage and other identified PotGM (People of the Global Majority) can come shelter in place and grieve with support. ​ Grief is an integral part of the human experience, and all of humanity deserves a place for their grief and rage. We are starting with the most marginalized.

After our strong emotions are released, folks can notice the wisdom that comes out of grief and out of rage, especially while being held and supported by African Heritage people and other allies.

Healing ourselves is healing the world.


House concerts are one of the most magical settings to share music. In my experience, people are more easily moved, enlivened, and transformed by songs when they get a chance to really listen and engage the music in this intimate way. If you're interested but you’ve never put on a house concert before, have no fear! It’s easy and fun and I’m here to help. Below I answer some initial questions and then have provided a guide to help us co-create the most meaningful event possible! 



A house concert is exactly what it sounds like: a get-together of friends in your living room, on your deck, in your garden or backyard, with live music, often food, drinks, and conversation. You don't need a gigantic living room or a super fancy backyard, just a welcoming space where people can come together. The average house concert has 20-40 people. You can cap it at whatever number you are comfortable, but I recommend aiming for at least 20. The beauty of a house concert is that it is purposely more intimate with a focus on listening and connecting more deeply with the music and the community sharing the experience of it. The live music becomes the focal point for periods of the evening, and your home space becomes a “listening room.” I tell stories and get the audience to participate in the music. This is not a house party where there is no connection to the audience and the music takes a backseat role to a noisy atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with music that exists merely to set a mood for an event, but if that is what you're looking for, then we are talking about something different than a house concert. 

Hosting a house concert is surprisingly easy and fun. If you have ever had a group over for a cookout or to watch a movie, you have all the skills necessary to be a house concert host. 


I understand there is more uncertainty and risk in orchestrating a house concert at this time. However, I do not believe the factors of COVID and wildfires need be 100% prohibitive of putting on meaningful musical outdoor gatherings. Here is my stance: 

Wildfires: I understand that if wildfire smoke reaches an unhealthy AQI, we should cancel the event. I am embarking on this house concert journey prepared to take this risk. I do not expect compensation if we have to cancel due to this circumstance. 

COVID: I understand that we are contending with a new surge of COVID cases brought on by the delta variant. Based on my research, consultation, and experience, I believe it is possible to still safely gather outside with the implementation of a clear safety protocol. I can offer several options.


Check out this helpful guide that lays out all the details clearly and offers options to customize your house concert event to your liking! 



Contact me expressing interest in hosting a house concert and include potential dates!