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PROTEST ‘WHO WILL OWN THE FOREST?’ CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER 27 12pm Wednesday, September 27 at the World Forestry Center (4033 SW Canyon Rd, Portland)

On Wednesday, September 27 grassroots activists and leaders from the forest defense & climate justice movement will converge at the World Forestry Center at noon for a massive demonstration to confront these Wall Street capitalists and put them on notice that managing forests to maximize profits for the rich & stall climate action will be met with increasing resistance. There will be speakers, music, marching bands, theatrical performances, art & creative resistance, and more–come out to show these Wall Street elites that extractive forestry and false solutions will be risky investments in the face of staunch grassroots opposition!


Shireen will perform / lead song at 2:00pm.

Shireen Amini & Lyndsey Scott EAST COAST TOUR 2023

 —  —

OUR POWERS COMBINED! Community Singing to Seed Liberation   ꩜ 8/30 Ann Arbor, MI | land of the Anishinaabeg  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-powers-combined-community-singing-to-seed-liberation-ann-arbor-tickets-695031647367?aff=oddtdtcreator

꩜ 8/31-9/4 Singing in Love: Tamaqua, PA | land of the Lenni-Lenape  https://events.humanitix.com/singing-in-love?mibextid=Zxz2cZ

꩜ 9/5 North Hampton, MA  | land of the Pocumtuck, Norwottock, Woronoco, Agawam, Nipmuck, and Abenaki  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-powers-combined-community-singing-to-seed-liberation-noha-tickets-686098036697

꩜ 9/6 Boston, MA | land of the Massachusett, Abenaki, Micmac, Maliseet, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Passamaquoddy, Pawtucket, Pennacook, Penobscot, Pequot, and Wampanoag  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-powers-combined-community-singing-to-seed-liberation-boston-tickets-692654697847?aff=oddtdtcreator

꩜ 9/9 Brooklyn, NY | land of the Lenape  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-powers-combined-community-singing-to-seed-liberation-brooklyn-tickets-692657446067?aff=oddtdtcreator

꩜ 9/10 Philadelphia, PA | land of the Lenape  https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=48533&stype=-8&sView=day&sLoc=0&date=09/10/23

꩜ 9/12 Washington, DC Area | land of the Nacotchtank, Piscataway, and Pamunke   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-powers-combined-community-singing-to-seed-liberation-dc-area-tickets-716336601057

꩜ 9/13 Richmond, VA | land of the Powhatan and Monacan https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-powers-combined-community-singing-to-seed-liberation-richmond-va-tickets-691182634867?aff=oddtdtcreator 

꩜ 9/14-17 Love Song: Marshall, NC | land of the Anikituwagi (Cherokee)  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdDcpCV-ohOFF8_Tls3C80GCHMiFiF8sd3_GbgOkYF7KkGSDA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0&fbclid=IwAR3a80fg7tP08yucXst2sCeftBLsCCQqib9cJ3FEg5UF_jOY0TFxZSlR5is

꩜ 9/20 Asheville, NC | land of the Anikituwagi (Cherokee) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-powers-combined-community-singing-to-seed-liberation-asheville-nc-tickets-692664978597?aff=oddtdtcreator

Song kin Shireen Amini and Lyndsey Scott merge their medicines for the first time for an East Coast song circle tour! As students of, as well as leaders in, the community singing movement, they are asking-in-motion about song’s liberatory power. Co-creating a space of authentic, playful, & deep devotion, they will forge a strong container to hold the complexities of each of our identities and histories intersecting. Through heart sharing, somatics, song, and rhythmic expression, they will invite energy to re-whole us in our individual and collective bodies: grounding, attuning, grieving, releasing, connecting, and celebrating. We’ll ask, what’s needed here now? What’s possible when we open our hearts to this aching world and dare the soulful risks it asks? May we be the world we dream, in real time, as song washes over us with grace that overflows into action.

Our tithe for this tour goes to MMIWHOISMISSING a 100% Indigenous-lead sovereign and educational voice that advocates for grassroots efforts, working directly with MMIR families, survivors, & Tribal coalitions laying the groundwork, socially and politically to protect our Indigenous Populations from further Colonial Violence.

GUEST PERFORMER for Singing the Bones LIVE at the Haven PDX

 —  —

The Haven, 819 SE Taylor St., Portland, OR

Catch the Vibe: https://youtu.be/FL2tg9hU-nk

Through an evening that is part musical performance & part sing-a-long, artist-activist Lydia Violet takes us into the realms of Singing the Bones, a program she has spent these past years working on, encouraging the reconnection to ancestral cultures through music and story. Many of us grow up disconnected from our ancestral cultures, requiring us to consciously turn towards our histories and study to learn the foods, festivities, folklore, and songs that lay there. Tonight is a celebration of three American artists who have pursued this path of connection, sharing some of the bounties of what they have found.

Lydia will share songs from her Iranian and Armenian heritages, rich with poetry and longing. M'Gilvry Allen will share fiddle tunes and ballads from his Scottish, Irish, and Scandinavian ancestries, luring us in with rhythm and strings. And Kele Nitoto will share music from Haiti, Congo, and West Africa, drawing from his multiple generations of a musical family from Oakland itself. And these three artists will collaborate together, weaving a multi-cultural celebration!

You're invited to come and enjoy the sounds, and learn some tunes as well! We will also teach you some songs throughout the night, summoning the joy of singing together. We hope to weave a soulful thread for that which feels tattered and longs for peace and reconnection.

$20 advanced tickets, $25 day-of admission

SONGLEADER at Wails: Songs for Grief Album Recording + Gathering

 —  —

Sedro-Woolly, Washington

Artist and song tender Alexandra "ahlay" Blakely has written an album entirely dedicated to grief. Written in the community singing tradition, the intention of the songs is to inspire communities to create their versions of contained circles together to sing + become more agile in their relationship with grief.

The album is inspired by the five gates of grief from Francis Weller’s book The Wild Edge of Sorrow. Ahlay dreamed of recording the songs with a choir and from this vision, WAILS: Songs for Grief - Album Recording + Gathering was born.

The 4 days will be centered around 4 recorded song circles (3 hours each), recording 5 songs (the five gates) with a professional sound engineer. The recordings will happen inside a lodge and will be woven into the album WAILS: Songs for Grief.

I will be assisting with opening / closing circle, singing in the choir, and songleading!

Shireen Amini LIVE at Oregon Country Fair

 —  —

Veneta, Oregon

I have been selected to perform 2 sets at the Oregon Country Fair on the Spoken Word Stage! This will be my first time attending and performing. I hope to see you there!

Friday, 5:30-6:20pm, Front Port Saturday, 2-2:50pm, Chez Ray's

The Oregon Country Fair (OCF) hosts an annual three-day festival offering the finest in entertainment, hand-made crafts, delectable food and information sharing, with annual attendance of approximately 45,000. We have chosen to have a smaller Fair in 2022 with about 30,000 attendees. We are in a wooded setting located in Veneta, Oregon, about 15 miles west of Eugene, with our own water and communication systems, security team, recycling service and much more. We enjoy a mutually cooperative relationship with our neighbors in the Veneta community.

Thrive Street Choir hosts special guest Shireen Amini for this combined community song journey and drum workshop.

Shireen will lead original short-form healing and liberation-oriented songs for community singing and also teach several songs with arranged drum parts for all skill levels. Syncing our singing voices with rhythmic movement is a powerful, ancient practice that amplifies spiritual connection and strengthens community. We will address our complex, but shared nonetheless, American heritage as we co-create a reverent and joyful community drum-song experience to inspire confidence and unity: an embodied musical metaphor for a new way forward.

For more info, visit: https://urban-adamah.my.salesforce-sites.com/WebEvent?eid=thrive-street-choir-song-circle-at-urban-adamah-202368

$15-$75 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds)

GUEST SONGLEADER at Central Marin Singers

 —  —

First Presbyterian San Anselmo, 72 Kensington Rd., San Anselmo, CA

I will be a guest songleader with Central Marin Singers choir!

The Central Marin Singers Choir, led by Marv Zauderer, is a joyful, soulful, inclusive space where we sing easy-to-learn, contemporary community-singing songs, selected for their ability to rejuvenate, soothe, uplift, and inspire. We co-create a safe, non-judgmental, anti-perfectionistic space with the freedom to allow our voices to emerge and blend just as they are. This weekly drop-in choir also forms a pop-up choir at public events, like farmers' markets, where our purpose is not performance, it's community participation and community-building: we invite passers-by to step into the circle, learn a song, and sing with us. All voices and levels welcome! Details: singwithmarv.com.

$20 tickets

SONGLEADER at Song Village

 —  —

Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Song Village is held in a beautiful redwood forest in the Santa Cruz mountains. We have three or four song circles each morning afternoon and evening. The circles are lead by guest song leaders or by the participants themselves. Each circle has a theme or genre, like the ones listed below. You choose the circles that interest you the most. Learn and sing new songs, or teach the group some songs you love.

Our gatherings also include fun and rich community building events, including dance, improv theater, heart share circles and delicious meals. Our gatherings are consciously facilitated to help everyone feel included and connected.


Shireen Amini LIVE at NW Folklife Festival

 —  —

Seattle Center, 305 Harrison St., Seattle, Washington

Performing on the >>> K Prom Welcome Stage

Northwest Folklife is an independent 501(c)(3) arts organization that celebrates the multigenerational arts, cultures, and traditions of a global Pacific Northwest. Since 1972, Northwest Folklife has been deeply committed to celebrating the diversity of our Northwest communities and demystifying our differences together, under one roof. Most notable of their events is the annual Northwest Folklife Festival, a community-powered celebration of the music, arts, and heritage of the Pacific Northwest.

I have been selected to perform a solo set for NW Folklife Festival 2023 taking place May 26-29! Free and all ages!

SONGLEADER at Cascadia Song Rise

 —  —

Philomath, Oregon

Cascadia Song Rise is a gathering of people who love to sing! Join us May 18-21, 2023 near Philomath, Oregon (~12 miles from Corvallis). We will nourish ourselves and each other through collective song, harmony, and connection. There is a magic to be experienced in the layering of voices, a mysterious activation that is felt in the body and in the soul.

Featuring an amazing lineup of songleaders: Shireen Amini, Ahlay Blakely, Laurence Cole, Kjersten Hallin, Aaron Johnson, Karly Loveling, Osprey, Kira Seto, Katie Sontag


$250 (early bird by March 31) and $275-350 sliding scale (after March 31)

GUEST SONGLEADER at Open Hub Singing

 —  —

First Presbyterian Church, 230 NE 9th St, Bend, OR

At this special community singing circle hosted by Open Hub Singing, guest songleader Shireen Amini will lead a journey through original short-form medicine songs that hold personal and liberation-al truths.

All voices are welcome, no experience needed! All songs are taught by ear and easy to learn.

Our container will be soulful, percussive, and humorous. Come with your anger, joy, fear, love, and grief. We’ll give the truths behind these feelings wings. Some songs will be sourced from other songleaders in the movement but led with an innovative drum-based twist. Most songs will be in English, but some will include words in Spanish. The circle will kick off with some welcoming and arrival songs led by Kira Seto and Ian Carrick, Open Hub Singing's co-organizers.

Arrival time 12:30-1 pm, Singing 1-3pm First Presbyterian Church (Heritage Hall) $15-40 sliding scale // no one turned away for lack of funds // BIPOC & youth under 21 need not contribute Bring a water bottle & your authentic self.

  • This event is in-person, indoors, and mask-optional. Please take good care of yourself and the community and stay home if you aren't feeling well.


House concerts are one of the most magical settings to share music.

If you're interested in hosting, I'm here to help make it as easy, streamlined, and fun for you as possible! Below I answer some initial questions and have provided a clear, detailed guide covering all the rest. 



A house concert is a gathering of friends in your living room, on your deck, in your garden or backyard, with live music, often food, drinks, and conversation. You don’t need a large living room or backyard, just a welcoming space where people can come together. The average house concert has 20-40 people and is purposefully more intimate. The focus is on listening and connecting more deeply with the music and the people sharing the experience of it.



I'm glad you asked! Your first step will be to get in touch with me and we'll establish a date and event logistics. I'll then provide you with ticketing links and / or promo. At that point, it's time to invite, invite, invite! The day of the event I'll arrive early to set up, relax, and maybe share a meal with you. Just like that, we'll have a beautiful evening of music in your home! 



I will perform solo, possibly with a guest or two, or possibly with a small acoustic band. I have a unique approach to performing in that I like to invite a lot of audience participation in the form of singing, rhythm-making, and movement. I'll tell stories and perform with a few different instruments to keep the night interesting, but the overall feel will be intimate and heartfelt. It is possible that by the end of the night, people will be ready to get up and dance. That is totally awesome and welcome! 



Why yes, in fact! If it interests you and your community, we can set up a workshop in conjunction with the house concert! In addition to being a performing singer-songwriter, I'm also a teaching artist and music facilitator. I primarily teach hand drumming, but can also lead song circles. This can happen earlier in the day before the performance or the next day. If you'd like to set up a workshop or song circle, just let me know! We’ll make a plan together and tie it in with house concert promotion. 


Check out this helpful guide that lays out all the details clearly and offers options to customize your house concert event to your liking! 



Contact me expressing interest in hosting a house concert and include potential dates!