Break Myself Free

Shireen Amini

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Break Myself Free

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Shireen Amini is an independent artist and a self-described queer, Puerto Rican-Iranian-American, Earth-loving musician based in Bend, Oregon, most known for the last 8 years for fronting the successful Latin dance rock band ¡Chiringa! She is releasing a solo album called "Break Myself Free," an album that came with a strong vision for healing and empowerment before the pandemic, was crowdfunded through the pandemic, recorded in Boston, MA in October 2020, and will now be released as we emerge on the other side.

"Break Myself Free" (the album) is a proud proclamation of Shireen's queer identity and an invitation into deeper connection with the Earth. It is filled with energizing grooves, anthemic choruses, and soulful stories of change. The predominant genres represented are rock, pop, and soul with infusions of Latin and hip hop. The album was primarily produced by Mike Davidson at Plaid Dog Recording, a studio in Boston fully-powered by crowdfunding.

For more information about the album, check out these articles: The Source Weekly (Bend) ~ The Bend Bulletin (Bend) ~

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