In-Person Song Circle

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Seward Park, Seattle, Washington

Hosted by the People's Echo and 350 Seattle FB Event Page:

The People's Echo hosts Shireen Amini who is coming all the way from Bend, OR to share her medicine with us. Come sing AND dance with us for this one. See where we will be meeting in Seward Park in the discussion of this event. There will be unvaccinated and vaccinated people here. We will navigate group requests as needed and trust folx in making their own personal choices about masking or closeness with others. If you have questions about accessibility or anything else please email Ahlay: Shireen Amini is a queer, Puerto Rican-Iranian, Earth-loving musician whose career as a singer-songwriter, performer, percussionist and teaching artist in Central Oregon has spanned 15 years. She has been the frontwoman for 8 years of the Latin dance rock band ¡Chiringa! and has spent the last 3 years returning to her solo singer-songwriter roots, cultivating a repertoire of hip, conscious-themed, singalong-style songs. This repertoire will culminate in her newest studio album entitled “Break Myself Free,” set to release in summer 2021. With a BA in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and a certificate in Sound, Voice, and Music Healing from CIIS in San Francisco, Shireen has also come to believe strongly in music as a tool for personal and collective transformation. She offers music for wellness and empowerment to the community in the form of classes, events, coaching and songwriting through her business Shireen Amini Music Medicine.