Sisters in Harmony Global with Te Martin & Shireen Amini

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I will joined by my dear friend Te Martin as a guest songleader on Heather Houston's online song gathering Sisters in Harmony Global! Tickets through Eventbrite by donation. Zoom link will be sent once you purchase a ticket.

Ticket Link:

Check out the description below:

Sing your grief, gratitude, prayer, and praise within the safe container of a women's circle. Learn heart-opening songs for the journey.

Feel fortified, connected, and uplifted.

Let's feel the power of our global community!

Te, Shireen, and Heather offer you powerful songs for these transformational times we are living in. We'll dive into vocal meditation and collective prayer, mantra, hear-opening songs, soulful songs, fun songs, and songs that invite us to dance!

Please bring an item for the altar and a candle to light. Have your shakers, drums, guitars, chimes, and shruti boxes at the ready.

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